8 ways to start your year right this Chinese New Year!

8 ways to start your year right this Chinese New Year!


Pronounced “Xin Nián Kuài Lè”, that means “Happy New Year” in Chinese!

Chinese New Year is not only the biggest and most important holiday in China, but also one of China’s two Golden Weeks that is one of the biggest outbound travel periods for Chinese.

Also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, this week long festive holiday season is heavily favored by Chinese to travel overseas, with many opting to combine family reunions and vacation together.

Already, the Year of the Dog, which kicks off on 16 February 2018, is seemingly off to a good start – 6.5 million Chinese expected to travel overseas this 2018 Chinese New Year Golden Week 1, up 5.7% from last year’s 6.15 million outbound Chinese travelers.

Considering Chinese outbound travel is closely linked to their overseas investment plans, property agents and developers would do well to take note on this.

That said, with just days to go before the Year of the Dog kicks off, how ready are you to welcome potential Chinese buyers this Year of the Dog? We share 8 Do’s & Don’ts and some Chinese New Year traditions to help you start your year right this 2018: