A Lavish House-Warming Party We Threw for Our Valued Clients!

A Lavish House-Warming Party We Threw for Our Valued Clients!

Not only Cindy helps you find your dream house; but also she can put together your dream house warming party for you! On Saturday, February 4th Cindy threw a lavish house Warming party at her client’s $28,000,000 luxury ocean front estate, which Cindy assisted them acquire in last December. The whole transaction went smoothly and seamlessly, with Cindy’s extensive wealth management experience and knowledge, she was able to work with her buyers’ CPA, Financial Adviser and estate planning attorney to complete the process without any hiccups. It was a happy ending for everybody!

Buying a house doesn’t have to be a rubix cube! With the right Agent and the right Team, buying a house should go smoothly. The Royal Global Team understands that it is just not another transaction. It is a place to know that they are safe, that their kids are safe, that knowing they have a place to call home.

With the help of our event staff: Alicia-Coordinator | Katherine-Event Planner | Adam-Caterer Manager | the event was a success! With over 50+ guests to enjoy the beautiful scenery, we welcome the family to their new home!

We would like to say “Welcome Home!”