Chinese Wild Wolf Golf Association Donation Initiative

Chinese Wild Wolf Golf Association Donation Initiative

Under the leadership of President, Joseph Li and Secretary, Jeff Qu, of our Wild Wolf Golf Association; we have raised over $20,000 and donated boxes of N-95 masks and other much needed medical supplies to hospitals in Los Angeles, Orange County and Riverside as well as Los Angeles County Sheriff City of Industry Station. 

We are so happy that we were able to put a BIG SMILE on the faces of nurses, doctors and hospital staff; this is the least we can do to show our appreciation of their bravery and hard work! 

Wow!! I feel like a hero coming to work this morning with the masks you donated. The timing couldn’t have been any better; the masks are our utmost need. We thank the Wild Wolf Golf Club members for their generosity! On behalf of our providers and management team; we thank you!” – Dawn Ta, CFO & COO of Friends of Family Health Center. 

Dawn shared with us that a 32 year old nurse lost his life because of there was no mask available to protect him… When she brought the masks back to the hospital and shared with the nurse and doctors; they were all in tears.  We wish we had brought the masks to them sooner… 

Mr. Qu along with the president Mr. Zhuang of Chinese Chamber of Commerce met with Bobby Wyche at City of Industry Station and brought he and his team masks to better protect themselves when they are on duty. 
We hope that there will be more and more people to join us on this mission; please feel free to reach out to us if you would like to donate your spare masks we have volunteers standing by to pick them up from your home and deliver them to the hospitals and police stations on your behalf. 

Let’s unite, together we will prevail! 


作为华人华裔,我们要伸出援手,帮人也是帮自己。李东平会长代表野狼高尔夫球会向Kaiser Permanente Irvine Hospital捐赠1000只KN95口罩

Thanks go to Wild Wolf Golf Club for its generous donation as a Chinese association by Todd Newton in Twitter.


野狼球会的球友Paco,Stanley Tsai,山竹,还有球友阿东太太,分别运送口罩到6家医院,以解燃眉之急


野狼球会的Andy Su与太太一起将3000只医用口罩送往Kaiser Permanente Riverside,将野狼人的爱心及时传递给医护人员

“WOW!!! I felt like a hero coming to work this morning with the masks you donated. The timing could not have been any better…the masks are our utmost need. 

We appreciate you and the Wild Wolf Golf Club for your generosity. On behalf of our providers and management team….Thank you once again……” said Dawn Ta, CFO&COO of Friends of Family Health Center

因为没有医用口罩,Friends of Family Health Center的一个年仅32岁的男护士被Covid-19感染而失去生命。该康复中心的财务/运营总监激动地说,当她拿着这2000只口罩回到医院的时候,那些医护人员都把她当成英雄,有些甚至哽咽落泪。野狼球会秘书长Jeff Qu会同洛杉矶中华总商会庄佩源会长,向工业市警局局长Bobby Wyche赠送2000只医用口罩。