Cindy Chin features on Front Cover of iDS Magazine!

Cindy Chin features on Front Cover of iDS Magazine!

Cindy Chin, Executive Leader of Keller Williams | Royal Global Group, is recognized among the top of the real estate and wealth management consultants. As the best of the best, she does not specialize in just one, but multiple areas, such as, high end residential properties, residential investment properties, commercial real estate, and real estate development projects. 

Rich in Experience

Cindy has a wealth of knowledge and experience from Fortune 500 International Investment Firms, she was ranked as one of the top investment consultant at JP Morgan Chase, Fidelity Investments, Merrill Lynch, and Coldwell Banker. Cindy was recognized as the Top Ten Investment Consultant among over 500 peers at Fidelity Investments, she has collected many awards, such as Diamond Circle, Platinum Broker, #1 Fastest Growing Team Leader in So-Cal…and so on. Having experience in both Real Estate and Wealth Management, these specialties helps her to ensure that her client’s needs are fully met. Consistently ranked as a Top Consultant, she understands what it takes to be the best of the best!

Cindy’s TOP priorities are her clients, she strives to get the best price and terms, which reflects her business operations and professionalism. “In the first half of this year, I achieved two “extremes” in the same community: I represented a Royal Family and sold the highest unit price and I also assisted a Chinese family whom immigrated from Canada purchase the lowest unit priced home in all the same community.”

With extensive experience in the industry, the homes that Cindy helped her clients select are always the best quality with the most potential. Additionally, Cindy is not selective about her clients: clients do not need to have high net worth; rather, a cooperative attitude is more important to form a partnership to achieve the best winning scenario for her client.

Cindy attaches great importance to her client’s pre-sales and post-sales services, and believes post-sales service are a crucial aspect to ensuring that her clients are happy before and after the transaction. Clients may forget what you said but they’ll never forget how you made them feel. Each client, after working with Cindy and her team, will receive a customized “Home Guide” and a “Market Analysis Report” based on their criteria. Her professional and intimate service enables her to establish a closer relationship with her clients.

Choosing Wisely

“A lot of my buyers are Chinese. Due to recent changes in China’s currency transfer policy, many clients cannot prepare a large payment in a timely manner, which limits the buyer’s activity. Indeed, on the surface, our recent closed volume has decreased, but the total amount of transactions increased, indicating that the turnover of high end real estate properties is still very active.

“In addition, in the past few years, I gradually began to select sellers, and I am more inclined to represent the American seller. Typically Chinese clients do not recognize the agent’s effort and ability, while Americans do due to familiarity with the system.  This helps establish respect and a mutual partnership more easily, hence I would rather choose the latter clientele.

Cindy’s career success is also reflected in her choice of working with Keller Williams.

As we all know, Keller Williams Realty was founded in 1983, and is the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count.  KW is recognized by Training Magazine as the No.1 training organization across all industries worldwide. Forbes names Keller Williams Realty the #3 happiest company to work for in 2017. The company not only has excellent professional knowledge and a client-oriented philosophy, but also provides multi-lingual services, including English, Mandarin, Shanghai dialect, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Spanish, and so on.

Led by Cindy Chin, the Royal Global Group is ranked No.46 of the Top 50 Producing Teams. It is recognized as a Platinum and Diamond Award Glory Team, the most successful and profitable team of Keller Williams Newport Estates. The Royal Global Group is also recognized as the best and fastest-growing Chinese-speaking high-caliber team of KW International Worldwide. Cindy Chin commented that many agents are reluctant to join large brokerage firms, because they are either scared of massive competition from other talended agent, or they worried about not being able to keep as much commission to themselves. “These issues don’t bother me, because they are a non-issue to me,” Cindy stated with her signature smile and ample amount of confidence. “First of all, even in big companies, our team has the ability to get to the TOP level; Secondly, I pay more attention to KW’s Platform, we can always find legal, financial and other professional team support, which is very important for success. In addition, KW agents are worldwide, so when clients have international needs, we can refer clients to each other. Not to mention the franchise fee is very low, and brokerage commission is also capped. It’s absolute a win-win situation!

“On the same KW platform we share many smiliar values and beliefs to help us establish a trusting working relationship. Joining a freidnlsip supportinve team we strive to achieve more remarkable results. Our philosophy is: We rise by raising others!”

Building a Successful & Rewarding Career Through Hobbies

Although Cindy Chin may be busy, she finds time to enjoy what she does best, Golf. Golf usually takes at least 5-6 hours to finish one round, so it’s a true test of a player’s patience. A lot of considerations need to go into each shot, such as distance, club type, angle, wind speed, rules, scoring, etc.  It does not only require intelligence, but also a strong self-discipline. “How he plays shows what kind of person he is,” Cindy said with a smile, “through a game, whether we should cooperate or not can be determined.”

Cindy’s other big hobby is International and Latin dance. She won the second 2014 California International Standard Latin Open Amateur Competition. She believes that a person who loves life and improve their skills in hobbies will be successful because they will have the right attitude and that attitude is half of the battle! Of course, her schedule does not forget to leave some for socializing and reading. As she says, “Every effort we do in our lives will not be wasted and will make us a better place.”