Cindy Chin is proud and honored to be one of the sponsors of Steinway Piano Program!

Cindy Chin is proud and honored to be one of the sponsors of Steinway Piano Program!

Cindy Chin 欣迪程很荣幸能够成为施坦威钢琴Orange and County Music and Dance的program的赞助者之一. OCMD是位于尔湾非盈利社区艺术学校,和冠名赞助商施坦威钢琴共同成立. 该校由张祥华夫妇创立,并由首席执行官兼执行主席Douglas K. Freeman领导. 截至今年3月,该校巳有567名在校生,其中54%学生都获得奖学金. 学校秉承没有学生因其经济状况而不能入学的理念. 学校目前拥有50多名有经验、有成就的艺术老师,其中包括8名太平洋交响乐团的音乐家.

City News reported on May 7th in Irvine that the Steinway International Piano Preparation Academy will host the “Master Class” and “Orange County Stars of the Future” piano competition, which is the launch of Charlie Zhang, the founder of Steinway Piano. The announcement on the news. Pan Qier presided over the press conference.

The Artistic Course of Piano Performance at the Steinway International Piano Preparation Academy is designed for the pre-professional and outstanding achievements from China’s top music preparatory school (Affiliated Middle School of Beijing Central Conservatory of Music – Langlang’s Alma Mater and Shanghai Conservatory of Music) and will enter the professional field in the future. Designed for piano students (11-17 years old). The “Orange County Stars of the Future” piano competition, designed for local and international piano students with musical talents, aims to showcase their art and give full play to their talents.

The Orange County Steinway School of Piano will offer a range of master classes, competitions and performance opportunities for talented piano students and young musicians. The goal is to reward and enhance the artistic achievements of young artists to help them achieve more on the music path. Launched two summer special programs.

The first project is the Steinway College Piano Professional Performing Arts Course, a two-week advanced piano study course for students from the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music and the Shanghai Conservatory of China. Visiting students will benefit from the internationally renowned musicians’ masters and private courses. They are the most important pianists today, such as Fabio Bidini, piano professor at Colburn Music School, Benjamin Pasternak, music professor, Yang Yunlin, piano professor at Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and Central Music. Professor Zhang Xinning and so on.

Piano Professional Performance Course: July 22nd to August 3rd; “Orange County Tomorrow Star Piano Competition”: August 7th to August 8th. Some of the preferred students also had the opportunity to perform at the Colburn Music School with the Santa Monica Orchestra on July 28th, and at the University of Sokha and the Pacific Symphony Orchestra on August 3rd. The Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles will host a welcome reception and small concert for the students at the OC Music and Dance on the afternoon of July 21.

The second project is the “0range County Tomorrow Star” piano competition, which was held for the first time, including 100 students from local and international pianos, as well as amateur adult master classes and competitions. The two-day multi-round competition will be held at California State University Long Beach from August 7th to 8th and will be open to students aged 6 to 35 and amateur musicians. Participants will participate in three rounds of competition, with the opportunity to win the $2,500 Grand Prize, the Individual Achievement Award, and the opportunity to participate in the Symphony Orchestra in the spring of 2020.

OCSTARS invites star master class teachers and judges, such as Yoheved Kaplinsky, director of the piano department at Juilliard School of Music, Nina Scolnik, vice president of performance at the University of California, Irvine, and Dr. Andrew Park, Chairman of the National Music Teachers’ Union Annual Assessment, Sonata, and Sonata Division Competition. Wait. Douglas Freeman, CEO of Orange County Music Dance, said that Steinway College aims to nurture, motivate and shape children, help them pursue their musical dreams and aspirations, and bring them opportunities.

The school works with leading art organizations and institutions, including Steinway Piano, Pacific Symphony Orchestra, Colburn School, and Claire Trevor Art School at the University of California, Irvine. The Steinway Piano Academy project has enabled OCMD to collaborate with outstanding teachers from the two most influential music schools in China, the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music and the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. In the future, more music plans will be implemented and cultural exchanges between China and the United States will continue to increase.

The Steinway Piano Orange and County Music and Dance is located at the Irvine Nonprofit Community Art School and is co-founded with the title sponsor Steinway Piano. The school was founded by Zhang Xianghua and led by CEO and Executive Chairman Douglas K. Freeman. As of March, this year, there were 567 students enrolled in the school, and 54% of them received scholarships. The school adheres to the philosophy that no student can’t enter school because of his financial situation. The school currently has more than 50 experienced and accomplished art teachers, including eight Pacific Symphony Orchestra musicians.