City Intro – Lake Forest

City Intro – Lake Forest


Lake Forest is located in Orange County, California, and covers an area of ​​approximately 17.82 square miles. The city was established in 1991 by a vote of local residents. Before that, the place had been called El Toro since the 1880s. Since its inception, Forest Lake City has continued to expand the boundaries of the city, merging the Foothill Ranch and Portola Hills communities into the city. The above two communities are both planned commercial and residential development projects. In the 1990s, the residential area and commercial center were continuously developed on the eastern border of Forest Lake City, which further expanded the urban boundary. The total population of the city in 2013 was estimated to be 79,312, of which approximately 70.3% were white and approximately 13.1% were Asian.


Forest Lake City has two artificial lakes, which is also the name of the city. There are large and small villas and apartments lined up by the lake. The city has forest lake beaches, tennis clubs, Sun and Sail Club and other sports and leisure places. The club has tennis courts, fitness gyms, basketball courts, barbecue tables, volleyball courts, multi-lane pools, saunas. , Hot tub and other facilities, as well as clubhouses for social occasions.


Forest Lake, along with Mission Viejo and Irvine in Orange County, ranks among the best cities in the United States. A private research firm, Morgan Quitno, ranked Forest Lake City as the 15th best law and order city in the United States; another company ranked the city as the 10th largest city in the United States in 2007.

Houses in the city were concentrated in development and construction from 1970 to 1980. At present, the average price of detached houses here is $ 656,000, and the average size is 2041 square feet.


Forest Lake City has two county-level parks: Whiting Ranch and Heritage Hill historical park. The former is located in the east of the urban area. The latter, located on Serrano Rd., Preserves Orange County’s oldest buildings, including Serrano Adobe, the old El Toro schoolhouse, and St. George’s Anglican Church. It is an important cultural heritage in Orange County. The city is also home to the Etnies Skate Park, which covers 3,700 square meters and is one of the largest public skate parks in the world. In addition, the city has two libraries, both of which belong to the Orange County Public Library System.


Forest Lake City has a high school: El Toro High School. The school opened in 1973 and is one of the most outstanding schools in Southern California. The city is under the jurisdiction of the Saddleback Valley Unified School District, which also has three other high schools.


Forest Lake City hosts a summer concert each year in Pittsford Park. On July 4th each year, activities such as 5000-meter long-distance running and fireworks displays are held at the Sun and Sailing Club.


Forest Lake City is home to scenic beaches along the southern Pacific coast of Orange County: Trestle Beach in San Clemente (San Clemente), Corona del Mar State Beach in Newport Beach, and Balboa Peninsula and so on.

Forest Lake is also surrounded by a variety of recreational and shopping venues, including:

  • Regal-Foothills Town Center Regal Cinema Sports Ground 22
  • The Spectrum-Irvine’s Outdoor Shopping Center Spectrum Center
  • Various restaurants along El Toro Highway
  • Orchard Shopping Centre
  • Laguna Hills Mall, Laguna Hills

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