New Development Home – S2

New Development Home – S2

Is this house coming back from the future? A collection of technologies, the first zero carbon community

First zero carbon community
A collection of various temperature control and energy saving technologies
Access to all core locations | Three-story four-bedroom
Save more than $1,000 in electricity bills each year | $84,000 · Open future residence
Zero carbon community · The future has come

The Zero Carbon Energy Community (formal name: Zero Net Energy Community) means that the electricity generated by the home itself (solar energy) can be offset by the energy consumed by the home (calculated on a per-year basis) to achieve true “zero consumption”. The water heaters and dryers in the homes are all electric, not using traditional gas, but the electricity is generated by the home itself, saving more than $1,000 in electricity and gas bills each year. This project is the first zero carbon community in Southern California and is triple certified by DOE, EPA and Energy Star.

Splash Foam is used inside the project wall to allow the interior to cool up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit outdoors than in the summer! As shown in the above figure, the outdoor temperature is 112 degrees Fahrenheit, but the interior of the project can maintain 72 degrees Fahrenheit (left), while other wall-filled building materials (middle and right) are above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Spray Foam not only can be insulated, but also effectively soundproofed 4000 times. You can’t hear the tweeter in your home. At the same time, the project uses Energy Star-certified special double-sided Low-E windows to effectively isolate 70% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and heat. In winter, it can prevent the temperature inside the room from spreading to the outside, which is really warm in winter and cool in summer.

The homes in the community are equipped with state-of-the-art four-kilowatt solar energy and are equipped with Energy Star. The project is a pure electric house, and the “large energy consumer” water heater also uses electric energy. This configuration is enough to meet the energy consumption of a family of three or a family of four. It is reasonable to live in the future.

Location and Community Introduction: Located in the core business district of Irvine (inside the Irvine Business Complex), it is fully equipped with everything to eat, drink and have fun. The room type is a hot three-story four-bedroom townhouse, which is a good community for people to fall in love at first sight!

Seto 3 living room

The project enjoys a 2-mile gold living circle, walking distance to Equinox, Starbucks and many restaurants. It is a few minutes drive from Asian supermarkets and many online-red restaurants (H-Mart Korean Supermarket, Haidilao Hot Pot, BCD Tofu, etc.) It is also just 1 mile from John Wayne Airport.

Seto 2 kitchen

More importantly, the project has a very high investment value. The UCI campus is just three miles from the project. Instead of letting your child rent a room in Irvine, it’s better to buy a good house that can be rented. The rental market in the region is extremely hot. In some good communities, the 1B1B monthly rent has approached $2,000, and it is often difficult to find a room. The project is also very competitive in terms of price, and the project has the lowest price per square foot compared to several nearby newly opened properties.

Main bedroom of Seto type 1

The houses within the project community are all the most popular three-story four-bedroom townhouses (three types are available), and can be delivered in August and September 2019 at the earliest. The tax rate is only around 1.2%, there is no Mello Roos fee, and the monthly HOA is only $278. The community has a communal garden with an outdoor fire pit and a resting area, as well as a ball court and a pet park.

Home Feature List

In addition to 4 kW zero carbon solar, there are also the following features:

Modernist design open layout
Wide range of natural lighting
Automatic water-saving faucet and shower head
Isolation / insulation building materials
Healthy and environmentally friendly building materials and lacquer
Central temperature control system
Smart home system

There are 3 types of units are available

Residence 1
From $845,000 | 1,868 square feet
Double garage | 3 floors | 4 bedrooms | 3.5 baths
Save electricity costs up to $1,232 per year
Existing housing available for delivery in October

Residence 2
From $880,000 | 2,076 square feet
Double Garage | 3 floors | 4 bedrooms | 3.5 baths
Save electricity costs up to $1,325 per year
Existing housing available for August and September

Residence 3
From $900,000 | 2,171 square feet
Double garage | 3 floors | 4 bedrooms | 3.5 baths
Save electricity costs up to $1,293 per year
Existing housing available for delivery in October