New Development Home – S3

New Development Home – S3

Will be sold out!  Irvine super popular new community!

Self-occupation investment
71-seat modern residence
New private community in the core area of ​​Irvine
Perfect school district, perfect business district
NO Mello Roos, Low HOA 

Existing 2 bedroom type from $60,000
3 and 4 bedroom types from $80,000

The project is a closed private community with exclusive access to large clear water pools, outdoor barbecue areas, children’s play areas and outdoor gathering areas. A resort-level package to create your exclusive elite social circle.

Again, the first round and the second round of the project are very popular. The current final sales stage is even more mad, and there are only a few houses left!

Lot: The most beautiful Irvine 

Irvine is a young city, a city full of hope and vitality. Here you are a place of great talents, tigers and dragons, choose to settle here, your eyes are really good. At present, with the arrival of other sister projects around the project, we will create a new Life Experience in Irvine.

In this sunny city, nature should live in a modern and fashionable place. The retro-shaped house does not belong to Irvine, and the simplicity and freshness of modernism is the temperament that Irvine should have.

Location! Location! Location!  The project is located in the core business district of Irvine and the dining and entertainment circle, this location, the most Irvine. Walk to the opposite side of the street to eat, drive 5 minutes to go to work, saving time is the embodiment of value.

Across the street is Diamond Plaza, Haidilao, H-Mart, 85°C, Xianyuxian, BCD Tofu and other city favorites. A 3-minute drive to The District (AMC Cinema and numerous supermarkets), 5 minutes to the Irvine Business Complex and 10 minutes to the UCI campus and 99 Ranch Supermarket. Staying here, you don’t have to drive more than 15 minutes every time you drive!

Because of this excellent location, this project is very suitable for self-occupation and investment. The rental market in Orange County rose 5.8% last year. At present, many Chinese investors with unique insights have successfully purchased and rented their houses to local UCI students in Irvine.
Modern residence, fashion frontier

The project was designed by the award-winning international design institute to create a model of modernist humanistic residence. It is also one of the newly built closed communities in Irvine. The new home is delivered in a hardcover manner, and the moment of entry is very ceremonial. The downstairs of Project Type 3 and Unit 4 is equipped with a bedroom suite, which is ideal for seniors or as a guest bedroom.

8 feet style door, minimum 9 feet main height, transparent living room + kitchen. A good house doesn’t have to talk about the area. A good house gives you a sense of space.

Even the lighting and color are perfectly laid out by the designer. Broad and bright is the main color, but each family has its own “jumping” color. All the furniture is also carefully selected, the details are ingenious.

Standard large open kitchen in the island, international first-line quality kitchen utensils and electrical appliances, and countless storage bins. Frying and cooking the life of the pattern, the sweet and sour world, the best house, naturally have the best kitchen.

The bathroom comes with a large walk-in cloakroom, a master bath with double sinks, and a selection of top-of-the-line bathroom amenities that are simple, fresh and natural.

The project uses the European-style top-class sinks and faucets, blending with the modernist overall style, sleek and practical, to provide you with the best living experience.

Some of the units come with an elegant small front yard to experience the feeling of being in close contact with nature. Start with a cup of coffee in the morning and start a new day in the birds and flowers. In addition, all units are equipped with a large balcony on the second floor of the main living room.

Appreciation of the type

The 71-seat townhouse is divided into 4 types of units . All units are 3 floors, all with double garages (the floor plan can be enlarged):

House type 1

1245 square feet | 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms

Important note : Unit 1 currently has a small number of existing homes and can be accommodated next spring. The boutique two-bedroom modernist residence, with a wide open and high ceiling, is located at the end of the townhouse with excellent lighting, starting at $60,000!

Unit 2

1414 square feet | 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 1 study

Unit 3:

1895 square feet | 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathroom
There are also 4 bedrooms, but they are all sold out.

The school district is TUSD (Tastin Unified School District) and is one of the best school districts in California. Veeh Elementary Elementary School, AG Currie Middle School Junior High School, and Tustin High School High School all received California Gold Ribbon Honor Awards, education and book dyeing.