Featured in Riviera Magazine as The Dynamic Women in OC

Featured in Riviera Magazine as The Dynamic Women in OC

I am very honored to be selected as one of the 《The Most Dynamic Women in OC》 by Riviera Luxury Lifestyle Magzine in its December 2020 Special Edition, photo shoot was taking place at Balboa Bay Club, one of my favorite spots in Newport Beach.

有幸被Riviera时尚杂志选为一年一度12.2020 – 2.2021年特邗《最具影响力的风云女性人物篇》的代表人物,杂志社安排的摄影师带我去新港的游艇俱乐部取景,特邗将在今年12月初发行直至明年2月,敬请关注。

What initially drew you to your industry of expertise?
Real estate runs in my family! Ever since I was a child; I was told the story about my ancestors whom had accumulated wealth through land and built a prominent business empire back in Qing Dynasty.  I have always been drawn to real estate for as long as I can remember; I have a burning desire to follow their footsteps and carry on family legacy.


What sets you apart in your industry? 
Teamwork Makes Dream Work! Far from a one man show, our team is a well-oiled machine with the streamlined process. Most of my business comes from repeated business; e.g. this October $16M out of $30M closed escrow came from my returning and referred clients. Word of Mouth is the best compliment I can earn, and I strike to be my clients’ real estate consultant for life.

要想成功必须靠团队合作共赢!众人拾柴火焰高; 千人同行,则得千人之力。我们的团队就像一台精良的机器,安全可靠,运转灵活,性能卓越,功率强大,能精简繁琐的流程,给客户带来事半功倍的成果。我的大部分业务是来自回头客;就今年10月一个月内,我成交的$3000万美元的成交额中就有$1600万美元是来自我的回头客和客户推荐的客户。口耳相传的好口碑是对我最好的肯定和回馈。我们的服务宗旨是以诚为本,成为客户可终生信赖的地产顾问。

How does your background bring a unique perspective to your work? 
I can read, write and speak Chinese; this sets me apart from my competitors. With my strong financial and investment background I can better assist my clients. I am proud that I was pinned by CCIM Institute this August; it is the global golden standard for professional achievement in real estate. 


Talk about the services you provide and any exciting upcoming projects that you can share? 
We provide a full range residential and commercial real estate services. I recently represented sellers and buyers on 6 Fair Harbor in Newport Coast for $10.3M. Contrast to the agent who failed to sell it for 6+ moths; I sold it in 2 weeks after listed it. My upcoming $15M 120-unit Luxury Condo Development Project in Irvine IBC is only 1/2 block away from the Diamond Jamboree Plaza; it will become one of the signature landmarks. 

我们提供全方位的住宅和商业房地产服务。我最近代表买卖双方成功售出了洛杉矶新港 6 Fair Harbor Newport Coast 的千万豪宅,以$1030万美元的价格成交。之前的房地产经纪卖了大半年都没有卖掉。我在上市后的7天内就开始过户,全现金,共12天完成交接。目前我在尔湾有一个120套豪华公寓的开发项目。地址是2602 McGaw Irvine要价$1500万美元,位于市区商业中心,也是尔湾的最好学区。距离尔湾享有盛名的钻石广场只有半个街区;它将会成为尔湾地标性建筑之一。

Tell us about your Social life and philanthropic efforts.
Giving back and paying forward are the notions that I value and practice. As a classical music lover and an amateur ballroom dancer, I am a member to Pacific Symphony, Pacific Club and have been supportive to OC Music and Dance. As a board member to 3 golf associations; I organized charity golf tournaments for fund raising.