Riviera Magazine 2021 Power Player

Riviera Magazine 2021 Power Player

For Cindy Chin, founding principal at KW Cindy Chin Realty, real estate runs deep in her family history. Since she was a child, she was told about the stories of her ancestors who had accumulated wealth through land and built a prominent business empire during China’s Qing Dynasty. “I have a burning desire to follow their footsteps and carry on my family legacy,” she says.

Chin, accomplished that goal by building a multi-lingual team both in the United States and in China, earned trust from her clients, established an impeccable reputation among her peers and clients, proved herself by bring clients results. “Teamwork makes the dream work,” she says. “Far from a one-man show, our team is a well-oiled machine with a streamlined process. Most of my business comes from repeat business and referrals. In addition, many of her loyal clients come from her Cindy Chin Realty Youtube Channel where she hosts real estate talk show.

With Working experience at JP Morgan and Merrill Lynch Chin understood the importance of providing exceptional customer-centric service to her valued clients. She has a vertically integrated team approach, so she can ensure concierge-style service with clear and effective communication in multiple languages. “We provide domestic and international multi-facet marketing exposure, and strong and compelling negotiation skills,” she says.

As one of Riviera Orange County’s Power Players, Chin also gives back to the community through numerous philanthropic organizations. “I am a Committee Member at Pacific Symphony and a member of The Pacific Club, and I have been supportive of OC Music & Dance and on the board of several local Golf Associations, I hosted golf tournaments for charity causes to give back” she says.

In terms of what’s next Chin not only has established a solid “Golden Triangle” client base in Orange County, Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley, but she also has a growing extension team in China. Besides all the luxury residential homes her current commercial projects include the development of Elysian Peak View Homes with price ranging from $1.2M to $1.8M (learn more at www.ElysianPeakHomes.com); a $35M 4-Star 111 room hotel development in Old Town Temecula; and a $15M 120 Unit luxury condominium development in Irvine IBC. Chin plans to take her business to the next level by integrating modern technology into conventional business approach.

对于KW Cindy Chin Realty的创始人Cindy Chin而言,房地产在她的家族历史中根深蒂固。从她还是个孩子起,听说自己的祖先就是通过土地积累财富,并在中国清朝建立了一个显赫的商业帝国。她说:“我非常渴望追随他们的脚步,延续我的家族传承。”

她通过在美国和中国建立多语种团队来实现了这一目标。在赢得了客户信任的同时,也在同行和客户中建立了无可挑剔的口碑和声誉。运用自己对房地产的专业知识和高效的能力给客户带来了巨大收益。“团队合作让梦想成真,”。“我们的团队不是一个人的表演,而是一台运转良好的精密机器。我的大部分业务来自回头客和客户的推荐”。此外,还有一部分的忠实客户来自于她的个人自媒体 YouTube Cindy Chin Realty 频道 。 其中由她自己主持的一档原创房地产脱口秀《迪产世界》尤为受大众喜欢。



接下来,她不仅在橙县、洛杉矶和圣盖博谷建立了坚实的“金三角”客户基础,而且在中国也有一支不断壮大的推广团队。除了所有的豪华住宅外,她目前的商业项目还包括售价在120万美元至180万美元之间的爱丽香山顶美景门禁社区住宅(详情请登录www.ElysianPeakHomes.com);在老城Temecula开发的价值3500万美元、拥有111间客房的4星级酒店;以及Irvine IBC价值1500万美元的120单元豪华公寓开发项目。Cindy计划通过现代技术与传统商业方法相结合,将她的业务提升到一个新的水平。