Success Story Series 16

Success Story Series 16

Ms. Liang and Mr. Xiong found Cindy Chin on Chinese Social Media as they were initially her loyal followers before becoming her loyal clients!

Ms. Liang and Mr. Xiong were moving from Canada to U.S; not knowing which city or what area to move to, they contacted Cindy Chin seeking for help. Cindy Chin showed them around different towns and gave them detailed analysis about the real estate market and its trend…  showed them the objective pros and cons of each city that they are considering. Ultimately, they took her advice and decided to move to Newport Coast, California.

Graduating from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, one of the top private engineer schools in the nation, Cindy Chin certainly understand how to work with a super anal & detailed-oriented engineer such as Ms. Liang. Also, spending a few years in Lally Business School to obtain her MBA degree it certainly helped prepare her to work with a sharp & business-minded entrepreneur such as Mr. Xiong. Over time, Cindy Chin, Ms. Liang, and Mr. Xiong became close friends; enjoyed both friendship and working relationship!

In the mid-year of 2016 Cindy Chin helped Ms. Liang & Mr. Xiong purchase a luxury home in Pelican Hill at $5,800,000; moving away from the freezing cold Vancouver they loved their new homes and enjoyed a brand new life in SoCal.

In year 2018, unexpectedly, Cindy Chin brought them an All-Cash buyers directly from China who instantly fell in love with their home and submitted and offer. Cindy Chin assisted Ms. Liang and Mr. Xiong sell their home OFF-MARKET at $7,160,000; they jumped for joy and couldn’t be happier!

Shortly after that, Cindy Chin helped them acquire a new luxury estate at $9,088,888 in the same community of Pelican Hill. We are confident that this won’t be the last transaction that Cindy Chin, Ms. Liang, and Mr. Xiong will work together.

Cindy Chin solely believes to always do the Right Things for her clients, not just to meet their needs and goals but to exceed them! She earns their trust through my professional conducts, experience, knowledge and of course our seamless team-work. AS SHE SAYS:

“I work with a wonderful team that I can never thank enough for.  It has made all our transactions smooth, productive, efficient and care-free for our clients. With clients like Ms. Liang & Mr. Xiong that’s exactly how my team and I have achieved nearly $300,000,000 in production for the past 5 years alone. As the old sayings goes “Action speaks louder than words”; however, I would like to say “Result speaks louder than words!”