Success Story Series 17

Success Story Series 17

恭喜我的买家以$135万的好价格一举拿下市值$150万左右的24/7门禁警卫Altair Gated Community社区别墅!


Because of my impeccable reputation and well-established track record within in KW Agent Network and Internal Agent Community Mr. Zhang and Mrs. Zhang were referred to me by my colleague Ada from KW Commercial in Texas. Ada has been working with the Zhang’s on purchasing and selling their commercial properties for years. When Mr. and Mrs. Zhang decided to move to Orange County and start a new chapter of their lives; Ada had checked around for references and reviewed my track records; she decided to send her clients my way. 

Mr. J. Zhang and his wife Mrs. Zhang are busy with running their multiple business operations and didn’t have the time to fly to Orange County to tour the properties in person, therefore, all communication have been remotely. After communicating with them a coupe of times I had grasped exactly what they were looking for. Based on their criteria, I had hand-picked several properties and previewed them. Out of the ones I picked out for them I had recommended 67 Swift, as it best meets their needs and wants. I video-chatted with both of them while I was on site at 67 Swift allowing them to feel and grasp the home floor plan; as soon as we had completed with the walk-through, they wasted no time and decided to make an offer on it. After reviewing the offer, the Sellers had accepted our offer the very next day and escrow was then opened promptly.

Mr. J. Zhang and Mrs. Zhang have been extremely happy and satisfied with our professional services throughout the whole escrow process and are impressed with our post-sale customer services as I believe in customer centric practice! They sold a couple of their businesses in another state and have substantial amount of  ready cash for commercial real estate investments; they are also looking to do some 1031 exchanges for their existing commercial real estate holdings. They had contacted me there-after closing and had requested if I may assist them with their ongoing and future real estate residential and commercial needs and objectives. 

This is what I say reputation goes a long way and “word of mouth” is the best advertisement we can ever get!