Success Story Series 18

Success Story Series 18

恭喜我的华人卖方客户,上市6天进入过户交接, 出售给犹太医生买家!整整30天,昨天顺利完成过户交接.

此单尽展我的客源优势,不受限于华人客户群, 众多客户来自于其他多元化的客户人群,华人,犹太,韩国,越南, 印度, 欧洲, 中东, 北美 .. 这样卖方客户的物业才能最大限度地得到各族购买人群的关注! 


. 以本单举例来说,卖方退$7500 Repair Credit修理费给买方,买方有权留下所有刨掉修理费用的余额, 但是这位犹太仁兄主动打电话给我,愿意把修理费余额退还给卖方. 不愿意占这种小便宜,要事实求是,wow! 华人卖家很意外也很惊喜, 很出乎意料也super impressed! What can I say!? I absolutely enjoy working with clients like this! 我能说什么呢?有这样高素质客户群,只能说 “物以类聚,人以群分”! 

I’d like to say Congratulations to my sellers! As soon as the home was listed on the market, we had received an inquiry regarding viewing the home! Before the home was ready to open its doors for its first Open House, the prospective buyer was 5 minutes early and ready to go.  She loved the home so much that she wanted to bring her significant other the following day to view the home.

After just 6 days of being listed on the market, we received the offer and accepted. The process was so smooth; and escrow was closed in 30 days! Clients from both sides are super nice, friendly and sophisticated; I must admit that I am so lucky to have clients like them! Win-win for everyone!