Success Story Series 22

Success Story Series 22

Congratulations to both of my buyers and sellers on this successful closing after months of hard work and perseverance!

Communication was absolute key to this successful closing. Amongst the selling side, there was a total of 4 parties; all in 3 different time zones. The buyers are both busy professionals and total among all of us, we had spoken 4 different languages.

Prior to Escrow, the buyers had put down a sizable amount of Earnest Money Deposit with one of the builders of the community to purchase another home. However, the same day, they came across 56 Claudius and immediately fell in love with it.

To make the transaction even more difficult, the contract was a “Sell to Buy” situation for the buyers. The buyers’ buyer had delayed the schedule with an intention of re-negotiating terms before contingency removal. Due to the delay on the buyer’s property sale; buyers were wedged between rock and a difficult place on their new purchase of 56 Claudius.

It took long hours and sleepless nights to try to save this purchase for the buyers. I had multiple extensive conversation with the “decision maker” who lives in Taiwan via his son who does business in Vietnam. After lots of logical reasoning and persuasion, I was finally able to bring them on board of providing the buyers with shorter term Seller Financing; bear in mind that the ultimate decision maker on the seller side is very traditional and conservative. Definitely not an easy to task to get him to agree this even with more then enough collectors.

At the same time, buyers and I have worked closely with buyers’ mortgage consultant to make sure that we can get the loan done in a timely fashion without any hiccups. 

Eventually, we worked together as a team and pulled this off. Not only it takes hard work, knowledge and patience; but it also requires a lot of determination and compromising!  I am so glad that everyone saw the big picture and work towards the same goal. Teamwork prevails! 

恭喜我的买卖双方客户昨天正式过户完毕!经过不懈努力,凭借自己的金融背景和经验,绝地重生,救起了一个mutually beneficial deal这单! 人一生中做过的事走过的路都会积累一个Value Deposit, 在需要用的时候太方便顺手啦!看来我之前在摩根大通,富达和美林证券没有白呆哈。 同时,也感谢信任我的双方客户,有您们的信任和支持,我才能把工作做好做成 – 共赢, 皆大欢喜!