Success Story Series 24

Success Story Series 24


First and foremost, I would like to thank all the trust and support from my loyal clients in this transaction; I would not have done it without them through all these years!In October of 2013, My friends Mr. and Mrs. Huang visiting me from China and they were interested in buying an investment property in Irvine; it just so happened that a friend of mines, who was the original owner of 30 Bombay at the time, wanted to sell the property.

Obviously, it’s all about network and I am pretty good at “matchmaking” and brought them together. The transaction went very smoothly and after the close of escrow, they had engaged my team and me to assist them to manage the property.

For the next 7 years, my team and I have helped found multiple highly qualified tenants to occupy the home.Unfortunately, due to family circumstances, Mr. and Mrs. Huang had decided to sell the property. In loyalty, they had reached out to me and asked me to help them sell their home, in which I accepted. When it comes to social connections, it is truly a small world in the Chinese Community. Prior to our marketing launch date, our mutual friend, Mr. and Mrs. Lin had expressed to us their interest in buying a home in the U.S. We all discussed terms, details, and struck a deal, all while both sellers and buyers are still in China, without the buyers seeing the property in person. 

That’s the trust and special bond that we have once we trust someone; that’s our Chinese way! Even during this special and unprecedented lock-down period due to COVID-19 we worked together as a team and overcame all the challenges and difficulties; 10 day All-Cash escrow got extended to 2 month and 8 days All-Cash transaction.  Needless to say, it was a bumpy and rocky road, but with tenacity and perseverance we succeeded eventually. 

Congratulations again to my sellers and buyers; trust does go a long way!