客户如是说 Series – 1

客户如是说 Series – 1

In 2019 Mr. and Mrs. Wang found me via my Chinese Social Media Network; they first approached me about selling their properties in Lake Forest; one is primary residence and the other one is an investment property. Through the interaction we have had over time, they learned more and more about how my business is conducted and my work methods.

They recently contacted me and asked me to assist them with buying a new home in Orange County. After a detail discussion, I learned about their needs, wants and objectives; in which I recommended Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel and North Tustin.  After two days of touring of about 8-9 different homes; we finally locked in North Tustin and narrowed down onto two options.  

I did a full market analysis and we had a detailed discussion on the pros and cons between these properties.  In the end, we made an All-Cash offer on 10521 Easter Hill in North Tustin. With the utmost trust my clients placed in me the whole buying and decision-making process was less than one week. I have been known for my effective and result-oriented work style among all my clients.

Price: $2,100,000
Escrow Payment: All-Cash
Contingency Removal: 10 Calendar Days
Closing Escrow: 15 Calendar Days

Below is the email from Mr. Wang after we opened escrow on 10521 Easter Hill.


I am very happy that we have such a great opportunity to find this special home.  Thanks to your professional recommendation! While most of the people are relaxing and take the days off in the midst of the epidemic, we didn’t stop looking and have been actively searching. We are all goal-oriented people! Your proactive approach, fast execution, clear thinking and honesty style are the Secret Weapon for your success. With the way you work your business will be better and better and grow bigger and bigger! Z.Y. Wang