Success Story Series 26

Success Story Series 26

After 9 months of being listed on the market, the Sellers of 63 Walden had decided they needed to hire a new agent. During the course of these 9 months, the Seller’s were very frustrated because the previous agent did not bring any strong buyers and continued to lower the asking price. I was referred to the Seller’s by several mutual friends including one of her neighbors. The Seller’s contacted me after their previous contract expired and had asked me to assist with the sale of the their home.

We scheduled an appointment to meet and they walked me through their beautiful home; because of the trust they had in me, we had signed the listing agreement the very same day.

I am proud to say that I didn’t disappoint them neither; within 3 days after listing the home on the market, I found them very qualified buyers. As a matter of a fact, I actually had multiple offers to present to my sellers!  After evaluating all the options with the sellers they decided to go with my buyers; because of my buyers are putting down 50% and have the best financial strength. We opened escrow and which my buyers have removed all contingencies shortly thereafter. 

My sellers couldn’t be happier and wish they had came to me at the first place… The house was vacant for that whole time; so they didn’t have to waste 9 month of their time, carrying cost, property tax, HOA fees. They were so glad that they found me; it’s better later than never. 

Because my buyers feel more comfortable with communicating in Chinese; I also helped connect them with a Chinese speaking loan officer to work with them on their loan application.

I’d like to think myself as a Business Matchmaker to bring the most suitable parties to the transaction and make it mutually beneficial to everybody.  So far, everything is going smoothly and we look forward to a successful closing soon.