Success Story Series 27

Success Story Series 27

A friend of the Seller, Monica W., had mentioned me to her and in curiosity she had decided to search me up online to review my qualifications and track record. I received a call at the end of 2019 from Ms. Monica and we had coordinated a time to meet and discuss the details of the selling prices and strategies. However, the seller had decided to hire another agent to assist with the sale of her home.

About 5 months later, I received a call from Monica and she wanted to discuss the opportunity to take over the sale of her property. She had stated some concerns that she had regarding the agent she had initially hired. During the 4 months that it has been listed, there has been no reputable leads or offers and staging was unprofessionally done. Monica had apologized and asked me to help her sell her home.

After signing the listing contract, we had staging professionally completed and prepared the marketing strategies before going live. Within 2 days after listing the property on the market; I received a call from one of my Chinese Investors and expressed her interest. Due to the trust she had in me; my Chinese Investor had asked me to put an ALL-CASH offer for her without viewing the home. To be on the safe side, I made sure to at least have her daughter to Face-Time and take a tour of the home. In less then a week, we had opened escrow with an ALL-CASH – 10 DAY CLOSING with an attractive offering price. However, due to an uncompromising situation, the transaction had fell out of escrow.

I stayed positive, continued to actively market the home, and looked for qualified buyers. We then received another offer shortly thereafter and escrow was immediately opened. We had a successful closing and the Seller couldn’t thank me enough for getting things done for her effectively and efficiently.

For our clients we will go to the extra miles to get things for them, no matter what!