Success Story Series 31

Success Story Series 31

帮肋我的客户以近全价成功地出售她们的物业,卖方非常的开心,感谢我一直以来的努力和付出,昨天邀请我去她家喝下午茶,还贴心地送给最最喜欢的伦敦Lotion品牌礼物和Thank You Note! 还希望我能帮她们买下一个物业… 我的客户大都是回头客。有这样懂得感恩的客户真的是让我很开心感动,给我的工作增加更多的动力和意义 It made my week!



After months of hard work and through this challenging year of 2020; from COVID-19, riots, and the Sino-US trade war, I was finally able to sell this gorgeous, exquisite, and beautifully designed charming home! My clients were so ecstatic and invited me to their home for some afternoon tea and desserts as a token of their appreciation of my hard work and dedication. They were so thoughtful and gifted me with my favorite lotion and a sweet-touching Thank You note!

I am so grateful for all my returning and loyal clients that I have worked with over the years, it makes my job so rewarding and meaningful. At the same time, it gives me more motivation and drive to be the best and life-long consultant to my clients/friends for many years to come!





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嗨! 欣迪~~
我们的房子上市仅仅一周,全国就遇到了来势汹汹的新冠状病毒病,让我们的处境非常艰难,导致OPEN HOUSE一次也不能进行,但最终我们却出色的完成了所有的交易流程。

让我们再找机会出来碰面吧。 我很高兴和你成为好朋友。