Success Story Series 30

Success Story Series 30

6 Fair Harbor: Represent both Sellers and Buyers, Escrowed in 2 Weeks, All-cash and sold in 12 Days

Together we did it again! This beautiful panoramic home was listed for 6 months with a previous agent, who was unable to sell the home. The Sellers reached out to me and had asked me to assist them with the sale of their home. With my team and I, we made impeccable preparations and marketing to make sure this home was beautifully showcased!

Within the first 2 weeks of listing the home, we have had multiple showings with ready and able buyers. We received an ALL-CASH offer within 2 weeks of listing and sellers could not be happier.

I have been working with sellers for quite a long time now and we have successfully closed almost up to $35mm transactions in less than 4 years.  Over the years we’ve built a very strong bond and close friendship; we are not only real estate broker and clients; we are also close family friends. My sellers were so happy that my team and I took over their home sale; they can finally communicate with me in Chinese without any language barriers.

Due to the trusting relationship we have; we work as a team and it made the home sale process is much easier and smoother.  Now, it’s all wrapped up and they are ready to make the next move in their lives.

They Buyer had reached out and phone “interviewed” me and in the end he decided to work with me to buy a new home in Newport Coast.  The budget he gave me was $5mm to $8mm, however, after researching all the available homes in that price range I couldn’t find anything desirable with good value. At last, I recommended 6 Fair Harbor to him; because it offers what he and his wife were looking for and have all the right elements to meet their needs and wants. I never gave up and followed up with them consistently. After multiple visits and thorough discussions they decided to move forward and the rest is history.  I am so happy for them; it’s a beautiful home with great value for them to enjoy.



6 Fair Harbor:代表买卖双方,交易时间不到两周,全现金,并在12天内顺利售出!!


而这套房子的买家通过朋友联系到我,并在电话上“面试了我”,最终他决定与我合作在纽波特海岸购买新房。他给我的预算是5千万到8千万之间,但是,在研究了该价格范围内的所有可用房屋后,我找不到任何与这个价格匹配的物有所值的房屋。最后,我向他推荐了6Fair Harbor。因为它提供了他和他的妻子一直在寻找的东西,并具有所有合适的元素来满足他们的需求。我从未放弃过,并始终如一地跟进他们。经过多次访问和深入讨论,他们决定买下来,剩下的就是历史了。我为他们感到高兴;这是一个美丽的家,对他们来说很有价值。