Success Story Series 29

Success Story Series 29

76 Cartwheel: Represent Sellers, Escrowed in < 1 Week on Market, All-cash and sold in 10 Days

Earlier this year, the sellers of 76 Cartwheel had reached out to me requesting for more information in possibly selling their home. During the year, I had reached out to him to follow up, touch bases, and keeping him up to date with the current market situations. In August, the Sellers had contacted me and confirmed that his relocation plans have been finalized; which he would like to hire me to help sell his home.

My team and I immediately started the preparations from coordinating staging, photos, international marketing, and so fourth…Within 24 hours of going live, we received an above over asking price; however, it failed through an unforeseeable reason.

Nevertheless, very shortly after being back on the market, we received an ALL-CASH OFFER with 10 Day Close of Escrow. Overall, this turned out to be a better choice for the sellers with their current circumstances. It was a blessing in disguise and we should always stay positive.


76 Cartwheel:欣迪代表卖方,交易时间<1周,全现金,并在10天内售出!
今年年初,“ 76 Cartwheel”的卖家向我咨询,想得到出售房屋的第一手资料。在这一年内,我与他保持联系,跟进,摸底,让他可以及时的了解目前市场的情况。 终于在8月,卖方联系我说,他的搬迁计划已经完成。他真诚的想雇用我帮他卖房子。