Success Story Series 8

Success Story Series 8

Cindy has known her client, Ms. Wang, a super successful real estate developer in China, for several years; they met through a mutual friend as where most of her clients come from.  Cindy truly believes that Word of Mouth is the best way to build any business!

Little did she know that Olive St commercial real estate acquisition was a big test of patience and mental strength!  

It took them a lot of time to narrow down all the options in greater Los Angeles county; from the North to the South and from the East to the West.  Cindy lost count of how many sites that they had visited, studied and discussed; however, client satisfaction is her top priority! Therefore, finding the ideal site for Ms. Wang’s was her number one goal! 

There were several advisors on Ms. Wang’s team; not familiar with the commercial real estate process in United States it took some extra effort from Cindy to educate them and brought everybody on board to finally reached agreement. Luckily, with her Chinese cultural background and ability to communicate with them in their mother tongue she was able to bridge the gap and smooth out the transaction. 

Finally, after detailed research and analysis they locked in with Olive St acquisition opportunity; the next challenge was to negotiate with the seller on the purchase price and terms.  Needless to say, it was a tooth-pulling process! The negotiation started in last August and lasted to February of this year; it took 6 month of lead time to complete this acquisition project. 

In most of commercial transactions it’s less emotional, more data-driven, return centric and investment oriented; however, with this special case it was never short of dramas and far from being dull and boring.  Despite of all that Cindy stayed focused and kept her eyes on the ball; perseverance eventually prevailed!