Success Story Series 9

Success Story Series 9

Your reputation speaks for yourself! Had her stint on New York Wall Street Cindy is known for her strong work ethics, sophistication, knowledge and result-oriented attitude! 

With this being said not only Cindy’s existing clients refer clients to her; but also other agents in real estate industry also refer her clients. Always being modest and humble Cindy believes in “treating others the way you want to be treated”; she strives to maintain a pleasant and respectful relationship with all other agents.

The seller of 33 Canyon Terrace was introduced to Cindy by another real estate agent outside of Orange County; with Cindy’s long list of accolades and accomplishments it was an easy decision for him to make.  Cindy was able to bring the seller two offers within the first week of listing; however, she refused to sell the seller short by having the seller take one of them even though one of the offers was very close to the seller’s expectation. 

Cindy knew the market and community inside out;  she was confident that she would be able to sell it for a higher price for the seller. Despite the holiday down market Cindy negotiated an ALL-CASH offer with 21 day closing, it was nearly $500,000 higher than the seller’s expectation and closed it under 20 days.  Understanding and knowledgeable about the foreign seller tax withholding rules Cindy was able to educate her client and walked him through the whole process at ease.

33 Canyon Terrace was sold for $9,400,000 and her seller was besides himself…  At the same time Cindy’s agent friend couldn’t be happier; because his recommendation was successfully validated by a solid result produced by Cindy.

Because his beyond-expectation experience on 33 Canyon Terrace Seller decided to engage Cindy to help him sell his other real estate property in Bradbury. Currently it’s listed on the market for sale for $5,488,000.  Furthermore, seller’s son also approached Cindy for his commercial real estate needs. 

This is truly a great successful story that ACTION speaks louder than words; Cindy is a DOER!