One of the things I really enjoy living in SoCal is its beautiful weather here; it allows us to get outside and play golf all year around. I often host and sponsor golf tournaments for charity causes; it not only gives me an opportunity to give back to our communities but also helps me build my characters and skill-set. 

As a golf enthusiast I think it takes the same characteristics to play golf well and do well in real estate and business brokerage, e.g. focus, patience, mental strength and goal-oriented mindset. One of my interesting observations is that: “In both golf and real estate, we can always depend on feedback to get better and better.”That’s exactly why we value your opinion; your candid feedback will help us improve our services.

The only way to give you the best possible customer experience is to first find out what you actually think about our services and what we can do to tweak our practice to best fit your needs more accurately. Your voice is priceless to us, and we will never stop listening!

– Cindy Chin, Principal of KW Royal Global Group

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