New Development Homes – S1

New Development Homes – S1

Tustin’s high-quality, modern community is only available for $650,000, with apartments, townhouses, and independent homes!

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School district + business district + apartment + package are almost perfect
New district in the core area of ​​Orange County
Apartments, townhouses, independent homes
One of the best prospects
Modernist design
High quality interior decoration
Available for only $650,000

外观 project appearance

Project Description: The project will cover three sub-communities, including apartments, townhouses, and independent homes. There will be a 0.6 acre community recreation center with pool, spa, barbecue and more.

The overall design of the project will adopt a modernist style, with high-tech smart homes, providing you with a modern lifestyle from the inside out. In addition, the community will provide the highest level of upgrade service in mind, at no additional cost.

Data information:

Community specifications: 3 sub-communities
Building specifications: townhouse, apartment, independent residence
Unit area: 1,384 to 2,989 square feet
Unit layout: 2 – 4 rooms 2 – 4 baths
Parking: double garage
High quality upholstery
Priced at $650,000

Location Introduction: Tustin has a population of about 75,000, of  which whites account for 52.6% and Asians account for 20.3%. The city was also rated as the most livable city in the United States by Forbes in 2009 due to the rapid economic development , and the low crime rate is another highlight of Tustin.

Tustin also pays great attention to the education of children. Tustin High School is also a well-known blue belt school in the United States. The project is located in the core business + entertainment + catering triple business district of Orange County, covering all aspects of safety, work, study, life and entertainment!

The project is located in the most central location of Orange County, just 5 minutes from the Irvine Business Complex. Just minutes from John Wayne Airport and the South Coast South Coast Premium Brand Mall.

Within 15 minutes, you can reach landmark sites such as UCI, 99 Dahua and The District. There are more than 100 famous restaurants around the project. There are everything to eat and drink: Haidilao Hot Pot, 85°C Pastry, H-Mart, etc. are only within a few minutes. Enjoy the beach and sunshine in Xingang Bay in 20 minutes.

Community Planning and Floor Plan

The project is a private community. There is a small park in the outdoor barbecue area. You can talk and laugh and build your exclusive elite social circle.

The community is divided into three sub-communities, namely apartments, townhouses, and independent homes. Each sub-community has 4-5 types of units, all of which are 3 floors, all with double garages

Apartment Types
1,382 to 2,214 SQFT | 2-4 Bedroom | 2.5-3 Bathroom | From $650,000

Townhouse Unit
1,553 to 2,989 SQFT | 2-4 Bedroom | 2-4 Bathroom | From $750,000

Independent Residential Unit
1,938 to 2,787 SQFT | 3-4 Bedroom | 2.5 Bathroom | From $920,000

School district + Business district + Apartment + Package are almost perfect. New district in the core area of Orange County. Apartments, townhouses, independent homes. One of the best prospects, modernist designs, high quality interior decorations, available for only $650,000.