Word Of Mouth I.

Word Of Mouth I.

“You are honestly the best agent I’ve seen! Lol, should be on million dollar listing OC” – Mr. Mourey

Cindy: (哈哈)太谢谢你啦,也许可以举荐我一下?

“Cindy, I am very happy that we have such a great opportunity to find this special home.  Thanks to your professional recommendation! While most of the people are relaxing and take the days off in the midst of the epidemic, we didn’t stop looking and have been actively searching. We are all goal-oriented people! Your proactive approach, fast execution, clear thinking and honesty style are the Secret Weapon for your success. With the way you work your business will be better and better and grow bigger and bigger!” – Z.Y. Wang

收到,我非常高兴我们有这样的好机会,找到这样一个非常特别的好房子,真是非常幸运,多亏你的专业推荐!在疫情大部分人都休息的时候,我们也没有停下脚步,积极寻找目标,我们都是有心之人!你的积极行动、清晰思路和诚信风格是你总能成功的法宝,一定是越做约顺、越做越大! Z.Y.王

“I think you are the best broker in Irvine!” – Mr. Kim